Join the Movement

Every drop matters. Together we are stronger.

The Blue Peace Movement is a global concerted effort to overcome water-related tensions and provide solutions.

Why join?

Supported by artists, students, policy-makers, businesses, NGOs, research institutions and multilateral organisations, the Blue Peace movement seeks to transform conventional thinking on water issues and build a coalition of stakeholders who champion equitable and sustainable use of water across boundaries, sectors and generations.

Members of the Blue Peace movement will have access to:

  • Expertise and guidance on how to use a variety of diplomatic, technical, political and financial tools

  • Shared information on successes, challenges and best practices for achieving Blue Peace

  • Expanded networks of like-minded individuals across sectors and around the world

  • Amplified voice on the world stage, supported by the collective power of an engaged, motivated and diverse membership base

Members of the Blue Peace movement will also use their expertise and / or networks to actively promote Blue Peace by:

  • Supporting study tours with foreign delegations

  • Contributing expertise in instances of hydro diplomacy

  • Facilitating discussions or workshops

  • Participating in open or closed political negotiations

Everything we do to raise awareness about the benefits of water cooperation is a step towards a more peaceful society.

The Blue Peace Movement brings together people from all over the world, each with a diverse set of interests, but sharing a common belief in the power of water to connect us all.

Villagers, government ministers, women, young people, researchers and corporations, civil society organisations working together, can create new solutions to water challenges.

How to get involved

Raise awareness about Blue Peace

  • Follow us and our supporting partners on social media: Facebook: @BluePeaceNews  & Twitter: @bluepeace

  • Participate in campaigns and share your successes with your network

  • Spread the word about Blue Peace by linking back to this website from your relevant water content and Social Media posts

Calls for participation

Become a Blue Peace Ambassador

Blue Peace ambassadors are committed to raising awareness and using their platform to drive and support Blue Peace initiatives. Meet some of our champions:

Danilo Türk, President of the High-Level Panel on Water and Peace:

Ernst Bromeis: Find out more >

Want to be a Blue Peace Ambassador yourself? Or are you already an advocate of Blue Peace? Share your story!

Some ideas to get you started...

  • What does water mean to you personally?
  • What does your Blue Peace advocacy look like?
  • When did you begin?
  • How does your advocacy improve people’s lives?

Use any of our social media channels (Facebook: @BluePeaceNews & Twitter: @bluepeace) to let us know what you do to foster peaceful and sustainable use of water – no matter how big or small your contribution might be!

Just tag the Blue Peace account on your posts and use #myBluePeace hashtag.

Take action to make Blue Peace happen

There are many ways to help make Blue Peace a reality. You can:

  • Join and support an organisation focused on Blue Peace. Find the right organisation for you on our Partners page.

  • Attend or speak at a Blue Peace event. See our News & Events page.

  • Develop your own local Blue Peace initiative. For inspiration, find out more about Young Water Fellowship Program or read some Case Studies to inspire you.